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        720P HD 2.4GHz Vehicle Wireless Monitoring System
        720P HD 2.4GHz Vehicle Wireless Monitoring System

        STONKAM 720P HD 2.4GHz Vehicle Wireless Monitoring System integrates battery and camera. It can be powered by battery, and the camera base has a strong magnet, which is very easy to install. In addition, the waterproof and dust-proof rating of the vehicle wireless camera is approved by IP69K certification. At the same time, it has such functions as short-circuit , temperature and lithium battery protection, high reliability and wide applicability. It can be widely used in trucks, cranes, excavators, agricultural vehicles and other vehicles.

        • Integrated battery and camera, strong magnetic base and easy installation
        • Waterproof/Dustproof rating: IP69K, with shock resistance of 5.9G
        • The TI charging and discharging scheme with the functions of short-circuit , current and temperature protection, power detection and high reliability
        • It has the lithium battery protection function. When charging, it has overcharge protection to limit the voltage of lithium battery to exceed 4.2V; when the voltage of lithium battery is lower than 2.9v, the output current of lithium battery is only 4.5ua? ? ?
        • It supports USB charging and discharging while charging
        • LED power indication and abnormal status alarming
        • The camera enters the low power consumption mode automatically after 20 seconds of switching off the monitor, and the output current of the battery is less than 3 Ma, and the output current of the battery is less than 0.3 Ma after long pressing the switch button? ? ? ? ??
        • Lens angle: 130°
        • With IR-cut, it can completely solve the problem of color deviation of green plants under sunlight

        Vehicle Wireless Camera

        Battery Capacity
        Charging Voltage
        Charging Time
        Charging Current
        Discharging Time
        9H(daytime 5Hnight
        Charging Temperature
        Discharging Temperature 
        Storage Temperature
        Waterproof Rating
        116 x 80 x 66(mm
        1/2.7” CMOS SENSOR
         Effective Pixels
        1280 x 720 pixels
         S/N Ratio
        White Balance
        Operation Frequency
        Transmission Distance (barrier free)
        Video Decode
        Spread SPECTRUM
        RF Bit Rate
        Minimum Illumination
        Night Vision Distance
        Viewing Angle

        Why do you need to install the STONKAM 720P HD 2.4GHz Vehicle Wireless Monitoring System?

        High installation expenses ? 
        Complicated wiring?
        Inconvenient camera power supply?


        Vehicle wireless monitoring system

        STONKAM 720P HD Wireless System helps you solve all the problems!

        With magnetic base, no drilling, no wiring, easy installation!    
        With magnet base, STONKAM HD Wireless Reverse Camera can be installed  without drilling.

        Car wireless reversing camera

        With rechargeable battery, it has up to 9 hours battery life, and has ultra-low standby power consumption
        The rechargeable camera with battery has up to 9 hours battery life in the daytime, and can automatically stand by and wake up the monitor. When the standby power consumption is less than 0.01W, and it can save power without manual shutdown when not in use.

        Wireless reversing video

        Transmission distance can reach 300 meters(barriers free)

        Wireless camera for crane

        With IR-CUT function, night vision distance up to 10 meters
        STONKAM 720P Vehicle Wireless System can support IR-CUT, thoroughly solving the problem of color deviation of green plants under sunlight and ensuring clear recording; And the night vision distance is up to 10 meters, ensuring safe driving!

        Wireless rear view camera

        Waterproof and dust-proof rating is approved by IP69K certification, with great durance in harsh environment!

        IP69K Vehicle Wireless Camera


        STONKAM 720P HD Vehicle Wireless Monitoring System can be used in various vehicles through simple installation without wiring, and it can be matched with the vehicle HD wireless monitor to form a perfect vehicle monitoring system solution.

        Vehicle Wireless Camera

        Wireless reverse camera

        Vehicle wireless monitoring camera

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