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        Products  > Accessory >  4-CH HD Color Image Quad-View Control Box
        4-CH HD Color Image Quad-View Control Box
        4-CH HD Color Image Quad-View Control Box

        STONKAM 4-CH HD Image Quad-View Control Box supports 4-channel HD camera input, 1 HD synchronous output and 1 SD video output, it supports multiple display modes, which can enable the driver to better monitor the surrounding conditions of the car body in real time, effectively reduce the possibility of accidents, and help drive safety!

        • Supports 4-CH HD camera inputs(1080P@30fps / 1080P@25fps / 720P@30fps / 720P@25fps)
        • Video formats available: PAL / NTSC
        • Display picture mode supports single picture, dual picture, three picture, four picture, character picture, Y picture, H picture and PIP picture etc
        • Each image effect can be individually adjusted parameters, support horizontal mirror image, vertical flip display
        • Support 2×audio and video output, 1×HD video output, 1×SD video output (Convenient for external DVR equipment)
        • Support 1 channel DVD video input
        • Support infrared remote control operation and external touch remote control
        • 5 trigger line inputs, trigger line definition, trigger delay and priority can be adjusted freely
        • Support auto scan, select scan channel and scan time
        • Reversing marking line can be set, can be adjusted and calibrated freely
        • Multi-languauges available
        • Wide voltage input: 10-32V, support 12V or 24V car battery
        • Short circuit protection detection
        • Easy installation; convenient operation

        4-CH Video Multiplexer


        Support multiple input systems and resolution systems

        Compatible with multiple HD cameras and monitors!

         Color Quad-View Multiplexer

        Diverse display modes

        Support single-screen, dual-screen, three-screen, four-screen, character screen, Y-screen, H-screen and PIP screen and other display modes, multiple split modes and independent switching can meet your needs.

        Professional Quad-View Multiplexer

        Product details

        Quad-View Monitor Manufacturer

        1 Video in
        8 Video out(REC)
        2 Audio in
        9 Power indicator
        3 Camera 1 input
        10 Audio out(REC)
        4 Camera 2 input
        11 IR
        5 Camera 3 input
        12 Live out
        6 Camera 4 input
        13 Key in
        7 Power

        Quad-View Monitor
        4-CH HD Multiplexer Control Box

        13P Cable

        Power Cable Touch

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