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        Products  > Dash Camera >  11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam
        11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam
        11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam

        STONKAM? 11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam is equipped with IPS screen and capacitive touch screen+2.5D glass, enabling it to demonstrate much brighter and clearer pictures; with built-in one 2K front view camera, the dash cam also supports one rear view camera with reverse triggering function selectable. Both front view and rear view cameras with pixel of 1080P can be recorded, and provide a larger field of view, clearer and more coherent pictures. In addition, straps are used for fixation, making it easy to be installed to cars, buses, trucks, ambulances, vans, etc.

        • Display Size: 11.88-inch;
        • Resolution: 1480x320; IPS screen; brightness:600cd/m2;
        • ?Support 2CH cameras with pixel of 1080P;
        • Support synchronous recording of the two cameras; support 1*Max. 128G Mirco SD card;
        • Capacitive touch screen+2.5D glass; when the screen is off, it can serve as a mirror;
        • Support 1*external rear view camera; reverse triggering optional;
        • Iconic menu operable; gesture swiping supported
        • Multiple languages supported;
        • Fast bootup;
        • Power input: (mini USB) 5V/2A; equipped with 12V-5V cigarette lighter;
        • Operating temperature: -20oC ~+70oC;
        • Straps to fix the product; easy installation.

        11.88 inch HD mirror dash cam

        Display Size
        1480 x 320
        600 cd/m2
        Viewing Angle
        IPS screen, 85°/85°/85°/85°
        Touch screen+2.5D glass
        Serve as a mirror when the screen is off
        Video Input
        Support 1*front view and 1*rear view 1080P cameras
        Video Display
        Single view or split view; support manual adjustment to the displayed area
        Audio Input
        Built-in 1CH microphone to record the sound in the cab
        Storage Medium
        1CH micro SD card (Max. 128G)
        Compressed Format
        Input Voltage
        Screen: 5V/2A input; equipped with 12V-5V cigarette lighter
        Max. 10W
        Operating Temperature
        -20℃- +70℃,RH65%
        Storage Temperature
        -30℃- +80℃,RH65%

        Why we need STONKAM? HD Mirror Dash Cam?

        As we all know, rear view mirror inside the vehicle is significant for driving safety. However, in reality, it barely works especially for trucks because the rear-view range is often blocked by the vehicle body. STONKAM? 11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam can effectively solve the problem of blind spots! The mirror dash cam uses durable straps to install without drilling holes on the vehicle; it supports simultaneous recording of both front view and rear view cameras with super-large field of view, allowing the driver to get the situation of the front and rear of the vehicle in real time, so as to improve driving safety!

        11.88 inch HD mirror dash cam

        2.5D Curved Glass Display

        STONKAM? 11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam uses 2.5D curved glass display, rounding off the edges of the flat display to avoid breaking and offer better visual effect and better user experience.

        Vehicle dash cam

        IPS Screen

        Intelligent mirror dash cam

        Synchronous Recording of HD Front View and Rear View Cameras

        With the resolution of Max. 1080P, the mirror dash cam is able to record high-definition and fluent videos. The front view and rear view cameras can work simultaneously to present the situations ahead and behind the vehicle to the display, allowing the driver to get the condition of the road and traffic flow to guarantee safe driving!

        Car mirror dash cam

        Wide-Angle Cameras for Larger Field of View

        The two cameras cover the situations of multiple lanes and ahead, behind, or beside the vehicle to reduce the blind spots while not distorting pictures for driving safely.

        In-vehicle mirror dash cam

        Real-time Monitoring of the Reversing Brings Convenience and Safety

        STONKAM? HD Mirror Dash Cam supports triggering of rear view camera display when reversing and is able to switch to the rear view image automatically, achieving real-time monitoring of the situations behind the vehicle to make reversing easier and avoid collision or scratches.

        HD mirror dash cam

        Easy Installation with Straps

        Straps are used to fix the mirror dash cam, achieving easy installation without drilling holes

        Mirror dash cam


        STONKAM? 11.88 inch HD Mirror Dash Cam featured with easy installation and easy operation can be widely applied to vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, ambulances, etc.

        HD Mirror Dash Cam

        Mirror dash cam


        Automobile Battery

        Binding Straps

        Power Cable for Rear View Camera

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