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        1080P HD AI Moving Object Detection Camera
        1080P HD AI Moving Object Detection Camera

        STONKAM 1080P AI Moving Object Detection Camera is a high-end product based, which is designed to solve the blind spots of vehicles. The camera has a built-in machine vision algorithm and a powerful function of detecting motion. It can be installed on the left and right sides of the vehicle to detect the blind spots in real time for the driver. If a moving object with a certain volume and a relative speed above 5Km/h is detected within the detection range, such as pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles, etc., the product will immediately give an alarm to the driver to avoid collisions, which can effectively improve drive safety. In addition, this moving object detection and recognition camera can be used in various vehicles, such as buses, trucks, coaches, lorries, emergency vehicles and so on.

        • Can be used with any HD monitor of STONKAM
        • Support 1CH HD analog 1080P video output
        • Detect moving objects (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) in the blind area on the side of the vehicle, and trigger warning and alarm
        • Use ultra-wide-angle HD camera with low illuminance and WDR function
        • Support USB 2.0 interface and external WIFI module
        • Anti-vibration level: ISO16750-3:
        • Waterproof level: IP69K

        Motion detection camera


        Effective Pixels
        1920 (H) X 1080 (V)
        Pixel size
        Scanning System
        Progressive Scanning
        Sync. System
        Video Output
        AHD,1.0Vp-p, 75Ohm
        Gamma Consumption
        S/N Ratio
        S/N(a-weighted) 38dB
        White Balance
        Electronic Shutter
        1/30(1/25)~1/50000 Seconds
        TV System
        Operating temperature
        –20 ~ +70, RH95%MAX.
        Storage temperature
        –30 ~ +80, RH95%MAX.
        Minimum Illumination
        Power Supply
        Power Dissipation(12V IN)
        Waterproof rating
        Audio Output
        Warning sound output
        f =1.4mm / f =1.98 mm
        Viewing Angle
        Wire Length
        104 x 48 x 54(mm)
        Shell Color

        Why does STONKAM develop AI Moving Object Detection Camera?

        With the improvement of peoples living standard, vehicle ownership is on the increase and driving safety has attracted people’s attention.? Due to the blind areas of the rearview mirror, collision could occur if there is a car or pedestrian in the blind area while the vehicle is changing lanes or turning. Especially for large commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.), they have larger size, more blind areas and poorer braking, crash caused by the driver’s blind spot has become the main cause of accidents for these vehicles. According to incomplete statistics, in all fatal accidents related to large commercial vehicles, more than 75% of the victims are vulnerable road users (including pedestrians and cyclists), and more than 40% of accidents occur when vehicles are under slow driving conditions such as starting or turning. In order to solve the problem of blind spots of rearview mirrors, real-time monitoring and active warning technology will effectively relieve driver’s pressure about the blind spots and avoid dangerous situations, so as to reduce hidden dangers in driving.

        Moving Object Detection (MOD)

        Based on the above background, STONKAM developed this AI camera for moving objects in the blind area. Its active warning function is very effective in improving the drivers attention, greatly reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.

        Supported by AI algorithm, the camera can achieve all the functions without control box
        In the current market, the cameras only provide images, so if the user want to realize the functions of detection and warning, radar is a must. However, the STONKAM 1080P AI Moving Object Detection Camera doesn’t need a control box, so it’s very light and convenient. Through the built-in machine vision algorithm, intelligent identification and detection of moving objects can be realized.

        motion detector camera

        AI moving object detection and real-time warning can help avoid collision
        It can be installed on the left and right sides of the vehicle to detect and warn objects with a certain volume and a relative speed above 5Km/h (such as vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians), which can promptly and effectively remind the driver to win him the response time, thereby reducing the possibility of an accident! It can also warn the different positions of moving objects.

        HD AI motion detection camera

        Water-proof rating of IP69K makes it not affected by weather and durable

        motion detection camera system

        The installation position is flexible. The camera can be installed on both sides of the vehicle
        The AI motion detection camera can be flexibly installed on the left and right sides of the vehicle to monitor the blind area on the side of the vehicle in real time.

        Moving object detection camera

        AI motion detection camera

        Product Video


        STONKAM 1080P AI Moving Object Detection Camera can be applied to a variety of vehicles, such as buses, coached, trucks and so on.

        AI motion detection camera

        AI motion detector device


        External communication cables

        External Wi-Fi module

        Allen key

        External GPS module(optional)

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