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        1080P Front-view Camera Driving Assistance System
        1080P Front-view Camera Driving Assistance System

        STONKAM 1080P Front-view Camera Driving Assistance System is a greatly useful vehicle security system, which can improve driving safety by alerting the driver to potential risks and avoid collisions. Working with our Mobile DVR System will get better effects for fleet management!

        ?  Forward Collision Warning(FCW)
        ?  Lane Departure Warning(LDW)
        ?  Speed Sign Recognition (SSR) & Overspeed Alarm
        ?  Pedestrian Detection (PD)
        ?  1080P WDR camera input
        ?  With built-in FHD Video recorder (1080P/25fps); support Max. 1x128GB micro SD card for recording
        ?  Seamless integration with MDVR, realtime alarm and video uploading for abnormal driving behavior
        ?  Support GPS tracking and WiFi hotspot
        ?  3G / 4G optional
        ?  DC power: 10~32V
        ?  Working temperature: -20℃~70℃

        1080P Vehicle ADAS System-Features


        What is 1080P Front-view Camera Driving Assistance System and Why do you need it?

        What are 1080P Front-view Camera Driving Assistance System?

        ADAS are electronic systems designed to aid vehicle drivers and improve car safety. Driving safety is enhanced by alerting the drivers to potential problems, or to avoid collisions and accidents.

        Why do you need it?

        Sometimes it’s hard to avoid distracted driving, maybe caused by an abrupt phone call, fatigue, or reading files, and risks always follow the distractions. However, with ADAS, risks can be reduced as you can receive alarms.

        ADAS Safety System

        STONKAM 1080P Front-view Camera Driving Assistance System——Your Driving Safeguard

        1080P Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

        Features of Advanced Driving Assistance System

        Automotive ADAS System-FCW, LDW

        1080P WDR enables better images under strong & weak light

        STONKAM? ADAS adopts 1080P WDR input to get much sharper and clearer effect compared with normal recording, no matter in strong light exposure or dim circumstances.

        High-Tech 1080P ADAS Vehicle System-WDR for Better Images

        Built-in 3G/4G/GPS Module supports real-time video playing and vehicle tracking

        ADAS security system supports real-time video playing and vehicle tracking on Google via Android APP.

        Car ADAS System-Recording and GPS Tracking

        Perfect seamless integration with STONKAM? Mobile DVR for fleet management
        When working with our MDVR, the MDVR system can automatically record alarm events and upload relevant files; alarm info will simultaneously pop up on PC client/ mobile Android APP for fleet administrators to analyze the driving situation of vehicles.

        STONKAM? ADAS Cooperating with MDVR

        WiFi hotspot for video playback without phone data consumed

        1080P ADAS-WiFi Hotspot to Replay Video

        Video recording by 128GB SD card

        Recording Quality Camera Channels Storage Capacity Recording Time 
        1080p 1ch 128GB 30 Hrs
        D1 1ch
        60 Hrs

        ADAS Safety System-Support 128GB SD Card

        G-Sensor to Lock Files

        Built-in G-sensor will automatically lock the recording files if the vehicle encounters severe collision or vibration, to ensure the important files are well protected and not over written.

        Vehicle ADAS System-G-Sensor to Lock Files

        Product Video

        AV Cable

        External GPS Module (Optional)

        GPS Antenna (Optional)

        Wi-Fi Antenna
        Power Cable

        3G/4G Antenna (Optional) Buzzer (Optional)

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