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        STONKAM CO., LTD
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        STONKAM? products can be widely applied to various vehicles and large mechanical equipments, including Ambulance, RV, Bus, School Bus, Coach, Fire Engine, Transportation Truck, Garbage Truck, Road Sweeper... View More>>
          • [Replay] Replacing mirror with screen, born for driving safety
          • [Replay] 984ft wireless real-time remote monitoring horizon
          • [Replay] Blind spots to be seen, distance to be heard
          • [Replay] "Three-core" Drives the Strongest AI Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring
          • [Replay] 360° Eliminating Driving Safety Blind Spots
          • [Replay]"Knowing the danger, avoiding the danger"— achieved by pedestrian detection camera
          • Sistema fuerte integrado con tecnología artificial para seguridad de conducción
          • ?Три ядра? управляют мощнейшим интеллектуальным мониторингом для транспортных средств с помощью ИИ
          • STOMKAM 984ftワイヤレスリアルタイムリモートモニタリング
          • STONAKM「危険を知って回避する」ことが歩行者検出カメラによりできる
          World’s Leading Supplier of Vision Solutions
          STONKAM CO., LTD., founded in 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise with IATF 16949: 2016 certified and core competency in researching, developing and manufacturing of vision products and advanced driving assistance products for commercial and special vehicles. With more than 400 employees, including over 80 R&D personnel, the company can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customized (OEM & ODM) technical services. In addition, R&D expenses accounted for 7% of the companys sales, and the absolute amount is among the top in the industry

          All along, STONKAM focuses on the automotive electronics industry: with the vision of “To be a first-class enterprise, to create a first-class brand.”, the company insists on independent innovation and R&D of high-tech products such as 1080P MDVR, 360° Vision System, Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS), Driver Fatigue Monitoring System, Radar Detection System, HD Monitoring System and Wi-Fi System... View More>>
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