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        STONKAM CO., LTD

        ? Production Scale

        Now the factory covers an area of 7,310 sq meters and keeps expanding. Eight production lines, i.e. production line for welding, for camera, for monitor, for DVR, for sample making, for debugging, for packaging and for FQC, are built to guarantee efficient production. 

        ? Production process

        • SMT
        • Assembly
        • Testing
        • Packing
        • FQC

        ? Automatic production equipment

        • Auto-Focus Machine
          Auto-Focus Machine
        • Automatic packaging machine
          Automatic packaging machine
        • GPS Covering System
          GPS Covering System
        • Integrated DVR Test Instrument
          Integrated DVR Test Instrument
        • Automatic marking machine
          Automatic marking machine
        • Automatic folding machine
          Automatic folding machine
        • Automatic strapping machine
          Automatic strapping machine
        • Automatic IC burner
          Automatic IC burner
        • Automatic glue machine
          Automatic glue machine
        • Automatic screw machine
          Automatic screw machine
        • Vacuum packaging machine
          Vacuum packaging machine
        • Label stripping machine
          Label stripping machine
        • DVR test equipment
          DVR test equipment
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